18 hours ago

    EGGS are NOT a Vegetarian Food item

    The egg is the hens menstrual period. Unfertilised or not its not satvik. For example would anyone eat human female…
    5 days ago

    Correcting Someone Sincerely

    Devotee: You were also speaking about how only the guru can correct and find fault with someone Sometimes one may…
    1 week ago

    “Ain’t no sunshine” Hare Krsna Version – Trevor Perkins

    Hare Krsna you lovely peeps, here is a sneak preview of a remake of an old classic “Ain’t no sunshine”.…
    3 weeks ago

    The Prayer for the Merciful Sidelong Glance of Sri Radha

    (An Appeal to Śīmatī Rādhāraṇi from the Ūrdhvāmnāya-tantra) Spoken by Lord Śiva to Parvati Translated by Kuśakratha dāsa It is…
    3 weeks ago

    Musical Talents at SSRR New Years eve Event

    Prayer to Lord Nrsimhadev by Trevor Perkins accompanied by Ravindra Svarup & Smita Krsna Dasa Vaisnava Blues by Trevor Perkins…
    3 weeks ago

    Once Upon a Senseless – Drama by Youths of SSRR

    Written and directed by Rukmini Devi Dasi
    3 weeks ago

    The Mayapur Experience

    Mayapur Experience Part 2
    3 weeks ago

    Krsna Art

    AllAjamilAvatarBalaramaBrahmaFour KumarasGarudaGayatriJay & VijayKaliKalkiKrsnaLord CaitanyaNarada MuniNarayanaNityanandaNrsimhadevPrahlad MaharajShivaSrila PrabhupadaVamana
    December 15, 2019

    1994 Letter From Bhaktin Dora (14-years-old) in Hungary

    "You see our family members are all very strict Catholics. They thought Kṛṣṇa consciousness was some kind of “brainwashing.”"
    December 12, 2019

    UFOs and Vimanas

    Vedic airplanes, vimanas, is almost in a classification of its own. Some of this information is so amazing that for…
    December 7, 2019

    “How Appreciation Manifests in Our Sadhana” | Mahatma Das

    Do you appreciate the sacrifice that Prabhupada made to write his books? Wouldn’t the proof that you really do be…
    December 5, 2019

    Jesus Taught Bhakti-Yoga

    “Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? He answered, Love the Lord thy God with all your heart,…
    December 5, 2019

    Scholars Who Believe in the False History of India Are A Dying Breed

    We can have a more unbiased view of the numerous new findings that keep cropping up that give an increasingly…
    December 3, 2019

    Prabhupada nicely explains the “mind”

    The material mind is like a sheet of impenetrable darkness that completely shuts out the light of the soul.
    December 2, 2019

    Nrsimha Pranam – Syamkutir Rajkumar

    This Sweet Nrsimha Pranam is sung by Her Grace Syamkutir Mataji namas te narasiṁhāya prahlādāhlāda-dāyinehiraṇyakaśipor vakṣaḥ-śilā-ṭaṅka-nakhālaye I offer my obeisances…
    December 2, 2019

    The Festival of Odana Sasthi

    Another special feature of this month is that instead of Lakṣmidevi, mother Yashoda takes charge of cooking for Jagannatha, as…
    December 1, 2019

    Vaisnava 4-bar Song

    This amazing Vaisnava (Trevor Perkins) strums his guitar in the most melodious voice, for the pleasure of Sri Krsna and…
    November 28, 2019

    Offense to the Vaisnava, that can be like a thunderbolt

    Aparadha is that what pushes us away from sadhu sanga

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