July 2, 2020
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A Scientific Examination of Evolution


Why is analyzing the truth regarding evolution important? The apparently scientific nature of the theory of evolution has led to the widespread acceptance of an atheistic, materialistic worldview. So to establish that a spiritual worldview with God as the intelligent designer is not unscientific, the claim that evolution is a proven science needs to be examined.

Fossil Evidence

Scientists claim that evolution happened in the past, but does the record of the past as seen in the fossils support this? Not at all.

  1. No Supporting Evidence: There are no fossil records to support the
    claim that one species transitioned into another.
  2. Suppressed contradictory evidence: There are many anomalous
    fossils that contradict the picture of gradual development of life on earth painted by evolution.

Other Evidence

Cheating proofs:

Although many so-called proofs of evolution have been disproved by scientists themselves, science textbooks worldwide keep publishing those proofs, thus misleading innocent students.

  • Life in a bottle – Miller’s Experiment
  • Imagination in full form – Darwin’s Tree of Life
  • Look-alike illusions – Homology in Vertebrate Limbs
  • Glue-fixed pictures – Peppered Moths
  • Beaks and birds – Darwin’s Finches
  • Apemen or Conmen – Javaman Thighbone

Misinterpreted proofs:

Many proofs are offered for evolution, which on closer examination, don’t prove evolution at all.

  • Similarity of DNA
  • Vestigial organs
  • Breeding
  • Playing God to disprove God
  • Extinction of species

Mechanisms for Evolution

  1. Natural Selection and mutation: All the mechanisms that are claimed to cause evolution – natural selection, mutation, and chance – can at best cause variation within species, not variation from one species to another.
  2. Irreducible complexity: Modern biochemical research has confirmed Darwin’s worst fear of the existence of organs that cannot have evolved upwards step-by-step and has effectively debunked his theory.
  3. Origin of life: Evolution theory has no explanation, either theoretical or experimental, as to how life originated in the first place.


The notion of evolution does not stand up to the standard of science; there is neither a clear, detailed theory about it nor are there any unambiguous pieces of evidence to prove it. Therefore school education about.

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