June 2, 2020
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Pastimes of Lord Venkateswar (Part 2): Hills of Lord Venkateswar 


One time the great and powerful Wind-God Vayudeva came to visits the Lord Narayan in Vaikuntha. Adisesa was guarding and told Vayu that he had to wait. Vayu was not very happy with this arrangement. He was eager to see the Lord. A transcendental  argument took place between Vayu and Anantha Sesa. When Lord Visnu came he proposed a tournament to see who is stronger between the two of them. 

It was arranged that Anantha Sesa put his coils around one of the peaks of Mount Meru named Ananda-parvat. The test was who is stronger, whether Vayu could move that Mountain out from the grasp of Anantadev. Vayu was sending unbelievable winds, stronger than any hurricanes, but he could not move the Mountain out of the grips of Ananta Sesa. In the meantime, while the battle grew fiercer, the rest of the universe came into difficulty. Lord Indra begged them to stop but they continued with determination. 

During the powerful challenge a small part of the mountain broke and landed on earth. That land later became Lanka, The land of Ravana. 

In order to save the universe Narada Muni came and started singing the sweet songs of the Lord. Vayu had become tired. While Narada Muni sang Ananta Sesa became charmed by the sweet kirtan. He lifted one of His hoods too listen carefully. As soon as he did that, Vayu blew a heavy gust of wind that moved the mountain and Ananta Sesa. Ananta Sesa along with  Ananda-Parvat flew across the universes landing on the earth planet. Vayu then came and apologised to Anatha asking him to please come back to Vaikuntha. Lord AdiSesa told Vayu that it is the Lord’s plan and desire that he stays here on earth in order to carry out His pastime. That place became known as Sesa-Parvat. 

These seven mountains are non-different from the body of Anantha Sesa. It is also non-different from Vaikunta. It’s in these tracks of land, Lord Srinivas made His home inside an anthill.

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