June 2, 2020
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Pastimes of Lord Venketeswar (Part 3) : The protector of the Cows

DESIRE 3: The protector of the Cows

To bring back Luxmidevi to the Vaikuntha planets, Lord Srinivas made his residence in an anthill on Sesacala. He performed severe austerities like no eating and no sleeping. The Lord remained an ascetic while continuously meditated on the Goddess of Fortune. 

Lord Brahma noticed Lord Srinivas’s determination. He desired to offer some service to feed the Lord. He then devised a plan to reunite the Lord with His wife. He went to Lord Siva and told him his plans. They both went to Luxmidevi, who was also in deep asceticism. They explained to Her, how Her Lord had come down on the earth planet performing austerities to get Her back. 

Agreeing to the arrangements, Luxmudevi became a cowherd girl, Lord Brahma became a cow and Lord Siva became a calf. Together they went to a place called Narayanapur, which was the capital of the kings of the Chola dynasty. The cowherd Luxmidevi then requested to see the king and queen. Went she got Her royal appointment, she explained to the King and Queen that She had an excellent cow and calf for sale. She desired to sell them to the royal family. Upon seeing the animals, the King could see that it had some special characteristics. He bought the cow and calf from Luxmidev for a very high price.  

The King then handed the cow in the care of the cowherd man that was in charge of all the livestock in the palace. Everyone morning he would take the cows into the pasturing grounds and at night he used bring them back and milk them. The special cow that was bought from Luxmidevi would not give any milk. This went on for some time. One day the Queen inquired as to why the cow was not giving any milk. She accused the cowherd man of taking the milk for himself. She threatened him that if the next day there is no milk, he will be severely punished. 

The next day when the cows were in the field grazing, the cowherd man pretended to be sleeping. The Brahma cow slipped out the herd and went to a small hole in the ground. He then began pouring milk into the opening. Fulfilling the desires of devotee Lord Srinivas, opened his mouth and accepted the love and devotion of his devotee. This was going on while the cowherd man was secretly watching. 

He was furious. He was about to be severe punished because of this cow. When anger sets in, one loses his intelligence. When Intelligence is lost, one actions are abominable. The cowherd man picked up his axe and threw it at the cow. At the very point just before the axe could hit the cow, Lord Srinivas, the protector of Brahmanas and cows, burst out off the ground, stopping the axe from slaughtering the cow.   
The cowherd man was stunned to see the most beautiful form of the Lord standing in front of him, with blood pouring from forehead profusely. Unable to withstand the offense, He fainted. This news quickly reached the palace. With great eagerness he came to the place where his cowherd man lay unconscious. He looked around for the offender that caused this. There, he saw the most exquisite looking boy. His beauty was unimaginable to the material senses. The King was struck with wonder and inquired as to who He was and where He came from. 

Lord Srinivas explained to the King what had happened. The King begged forgiveness. Accepting the apologies of the king, Lord Srinivas turned around and walked back into the forest. 

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