August 3, 2020
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The Pastimes of Lord Venketeswar (Part 4): Mother Yasoda’s desire

Desire 4: Mother Yasoda’s desire

As  Lord Srinivas walked through the forest he was approached by Brhaspati . Blood still flowed from his forehead. The Lord inquired from Brhaspati as to how he can obtain some herbal medication to stop the bleeding. After some prescription from Brhaspati, Lord went searching for the natural medication. While searching He can to a beautiful track of land called Tirumala Hills.  

This land belonged to Lord Varaha devi. In the Satya-yuga there was a demon called Hiranyakasa. By his demoniac activities he once took the earth and placed it in the bottom of the Garbhadaksya Ocean. Then Lord Visnu, appeared as Lord Varaha and lifted the earth out of the darkness region of the unverse. Bhumidevi, who is Earth Personified and is also the eternal consort of Lord Varaha, begged the Lord to remain with her on this earth planet. This place became known as Vahara-Ksetra. There Bhumidevi and Vaharadevi lived peacefully. 

Lord Srinivas asked Lord Varaha for some land to live. He also made an arrangement that he would not just take the land. There had to be some payment as rent for the land. So Lord Srinivas made a vow that, in the age of Kali, his devotees will first have to come and worship Lord Vaharadev, then worship Him.  

Lord Varaha then told Lord Srninvas that His eternal mother is living on the Tirumala Hills. She has been waiting for him for many, many years. Her name is Bakul-malika. She will take care of his forehead. 
Vaharadev called for Bakuldevi. When she saw Lord Srinivas, immediately her motherly love erupted in her heart. There was an equal reciprocation in the heart of Lord Srinivas. Bakuldevi  embraced her son. She gathered all the herbs, mixed with camphor, sandalwood, and saffron. She made a paste and applied it on eternal son’s forehead.  

When Lord Krsna desires to manifest His earthly pastimes, He appears through His eternal parents, Srimati Devaki and Sri Vasudeva, and is later brought up by His foster parents, mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaja. Krsna is never alone. He is always with His devotees. So when Lord Srinivas came His eternal mother also came with him. 

Previously in Krsna’s pastimes Bakuldevi was Mother Yasoda.  It is the desire for every mother to arrange for child’s marriage.  Unfortunately Vasudev-Krsna left Vrndavan at age of twelve to go to Mathura. At Mathura he killed his demonic uncle Kamsa and rescued his parents Devaki and Vasudeva.  Then Krsna went to Dwarka. It was in Dwarka, when he was under the care of Vasudeva and Devaki that he married 16 108 queens. 

Mother Yasoda was deprived from participating in any of these marriages. She had always desired to get Krsna married. Once she even though of getting Krsna married to Srimati Radharani

Srimati Radharani was given the benediction from Druvasa Muni that whatever she cooked would taste like nectar and whoever eats Her cooking will have a healthy and youthfully life. When Mother Yasoda heard of this, she engaged Srimati Radharani everyday in cooking for her son, Krsna

One morning, before Sri Radhe could leave, Mother Yasoda caught Her and caressed her body next hers. Feeling the soft tender body of Radhika, Mother Yasoda’s heart melted with divine ecstasy. She knew that Srimati Radharani was no ordinary girl and would make a perfect match for Krsna.  
She took hold of Srimati Radharani’s lotus-like hands and smeared the orange colour turmeric on it, covering the auspicious markings of the original Goddess of Fortune. 

Mother Yasoda then spoke to Sri Radhika, that when a young girls hands are smeared with the haldi, then it is signs that she is ready to get married, therefore she desired that She get married to Krsna

Srimati Radharani feeling embarrassed replied that Her mother may not approved. She would have to get permission from He mother first. Mother Yasoda kissed the head of Kirtida-sundari and told Her to go ask Her mother. 

When Srimati Radharani left the palace of Nanda Baba, she went running, looking for confidential friends. There she relayed the story of how Her pinkish hands came in contact with yellow tumeric. Lalitha devi declared that She is too young to get married. Marriage will only stop their movements in the land of Vraja. She told Srimati Radharani to wash her hands in a nearby lake. As Srimati Radharani washed her hands in the lake, She also transferred Her love for Krsna into the Lake, turning it into a golden-yellow. The lake became known as Pili Pukur.

Srimati Radharani never relayed the message to Her mother, so Mother Yasoda did not get her wished fulfilled.  Since Krsna is in the heart of all living entity and personal present in the heart of His devotees, He gave her the benediction that in a future incarnation, she will be his mother and she will make the arrangement for His marriage. When Lord Srinivas descended in this incarnation, Mother Yasoda, descended as Bakul Malikka.  

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