June 2, 2020
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Time passed and Lord Srinivas continued with His austerities. He stayed with his mother in her asrama in the Tirumala Hills. Every day he would notice animals on the tops of the mountain. So one day he decided that go hunting. His mother advised that it may be dangerous and that he should not go. The Lord was insistent, so He dressed Himself as a hunter and climb up to the hills. There he saw many animals like elephants, tigers and lions. These animals would become disturbances to the saintly people. As he gazed at the landscape and the wild animals, a wild elephant rushed towards Him. He chased the elephant and it ran into a beautiful garden. The elephant stopped when it saw a fair maiden. It rasied it truck as too salute her and then ran in the opposite direction.
Lord Srinivas was stunned with wonder at the sight of the young girl. His bodily emotion expressed the reaction of one who has been struck by the love arrows of Cupid.  Jumping off his horse and shaking from the heart, He inquired who she was. Was she a Heavenly damsel playing in the earthy gardens, or she was consort of a demigods. 

The girl shyly replied that she was the daughter of King Aksharaj, Her name was Padmavati. She told him that her father belonged to the Moon dynasty. Lord Srinivas was excited to here that, as he too came from the moon dynasty. He explained to her, that in his previous birth, his was the son of Vasudeva. His real mother had also appeared and stayed in the valley below. 

As they spoke the maid-servants of the princess arrived on the scene. The cautioned her for speaking to a hunter. As a member of royal family she should be seen speaking to lower caste like a hunter. Lord Srinivas expressed His desire to marry the princess. When the maid servants heard this they picked up stones and hurled it at him.  He jumped onto his horse and hurried away back to his mother’s dwellings. 

After a few days Bakuladevi could see that Her son was morose. She inquired as to why He was in such a state. Srinivas told His mother about the princess that had captured His heart with the five arrows of Cupid. He explained that since she was in the royal family, He could not be with her. 
Bakuldevi knowing that Her son was the Personality of Godhead wondered how is it possible for Him to be attracted to a simple princess. She inquired from Srinivas to satisfy her curiosity and He revealed who Padmavati really was.   

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