July 2, 2020
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The Markings of the Lotus Feet of Srimati Radharani

“Oh, Supreme Goddess of the Vrndavana forest! Your lotus feet are brimming full of flowing rasa extract, the essential honey of full-blown love nectars. Holding such feet to His chest, Madhupati (Krsna), the Lord of all sweetness, extinguishes the burning fever of Cupid. So supremely cooling, I now take shelter of them. That which is present deep within the heart of all the Upanisads in the most well hidden secret; this pair of Sri Radha’s divine lotus feet is my refuge – simply full of Her own feminine dancing playfulness.”

Srimati Radharani and Her parrot

“Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi” by Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati Thakur

Srimati Radharani has 19 auspicious signs on Her lotus feet:


This mark proclaims that the sins of those who meditate upon Their feet are burned up as if on the altar of sacrifice. Furthermore, it indicates that just as the universe is nourished by the brahmanas offering fire-sacrifices, similarly those who offer their minds in sacrifice to Their feet stimulate universal nourishment that affects all of creation. The universe is the form of Krishna, and the offering is the form of Radha. This perfect union is indicated by the mark of a sacrificial altar.


This mark reveals that even though Giri Govardhana is worshipped by all of Vraja as the best of mountains, still Govardhana Hill in turn serves the feet of the Divine Couple.


This mark indicates that those who takes shelter of Their Lotus Feet are always rescued from all sorts of distress. Just as during the Aarti ceremony the conchshell is used to hold water that is offered directly after the fire of the ghee-lamp, similarly Their Lotus Feet hold transcendental water that soothes Their devotees from the blazing fire of material miseries. Also, this symbol proclaims ultimate victory for the devotees, since the conchshell mark on Their Lotus Feet contains the entire ocean of material existence that may now be easily crossed. This mark also shows that those who resort to Their Lotus Feet become completely fearless. And further, the mark is also symbolic of the jala-tattva or principle of water, since it was Krishnas Lotus feet that manifested the river Ganga, purifier of all the worlds. On Radharanis Foot, this mark indicates the water-principle that soothes Her Beloved Krishna so that He feels no burning pain whenever He is separated from Her company.


This mark indicates how Krishna`s ear is always listening for the tinkling sound of the charming ankle-bells upon Her Feet; thus He lives for the shelter of Her feet, which gives Him all happiness.


This mark is to show that Their Feet are capable of chastising the elephant of sinful lust. It further indicates that for whoever takes shelter of Their Feet, all their ancestors will also receive benefit.


This mark symbolizes the universe as a chariot and Their Feet show in which direction for all souls to travel. It further indicates that the Lord is so merciful to His devotees that He becomes the chariot driver for them. It also shows that the Supreme goal may be easily attained, just as there is no trouble when one rides on a chariot to visit the forest. Whoever sits upon the chariot of Their Feet emerges victorious in the battle with maya.


This mark assures those who wish to have the miserable bonds of the mundane sphere cut, and who take shelter of Them, that Their Feet immediately appear to slash all entanglements and difficulties. It also indicates that They are shaktimana or the natural possessors of all divine potencies, whereas Their servants are not endowed with separate, independent power but completely dependent on Them.


This mark shows that just as a fish cannot live without water, similarly the surrendered devotees cannot live a moment without directly associating with Their Lotus Feet. This mark on Srimati Radharanis Foot shows that She, like a fish out of water, cannot live for a moment without Her Beloved. It also shows that all the most cherished desires and longings of those who resort to Their Lotus Feet will be truly fulfilled. It also means that the mind is very fickle, just like a fish who wavers this way and that way, and so only after so much meditation do Their Feet finally come into the heart. It also indicates that Their Feet will come to live in ones heart only if the heart has been purified by soft loving emotions. Krishnas Foot has this mark as well which is the emblem flying on the banner of Cupid, just to excite the desires of the Vraja-gopis. This mark on His Foot also indicate that He has conquered Cupid, thereby displaying Cupids flag of surrender on the soles of His Feet. It is also a reminder that during the great universal devastation and flood He assumed the form of Matsya, the fish incarnation, and thereby saved His devotees.


This mark, unique on Srimati Radharani`s Foot, shows that the divine fame of Her Feet spreads everywhere just like the fragrance of a flower. It also shows that Her Feet are not hard, but soft as flower petals. It means that just as every fruit comes into being after the plant blooms, similarly all spiritual fruits come into being after first blossoming at the soles of Her Feet.


This mark signifies that Their devotees receive all enjoyable opulences of prosperity by serving Their Lotus Feet. It also means that once one finds shelter at Their Lotus Feet, then the devotees`s former journey through many many births and deaths is actually very tiny, just like a single grain of barley. It further demonstrates that just as the barley grains are the sustenance of life for living beings, similarly it is widely celebrated that Their glorious Lotus Feet are the nourishment of all souls.


This mark cuts down the six enemies of Their devotees — lust, anger, greed, illusion, pride and envy. It indicates teja-tattva, or the principle of brilliance by which They destroy the darkness of sin from within Their own devotees hearts. Furthermore, this mark on Srimati Radharanis Foot shows that She is the ruler of Her own Kingdom formed by the circle of Vraja-mandala.

Upcurving line

This mark signifies that the devotees who cling to Their Lotus Feet, as if holding holding on to a life-line, will be transported to the higher realms. Indeed, they will not fall down. It shows that such devotees need never be doubtful of their upward passage. They cannot be held captive within the small egg-like material universe. It also indicates that the path o Their Feet, being free of external designations, is very direct. It also reveals that Their Feet can reach down to the lowest fallen souls and deliver those who have taken shelter of Them.


This mark signifies that just as a Lotus grows out of water, similarly those whose eyes swell with tears upon holding the Divine Couple`s Lotus Feet to their heart receive the highest benefit. It also reveals that just as a Lotus blooms by day and contracts by night, similarly those who remain steeped in meditation on Their Lotus Feet always feel the blossoming unfolding of brilliant sattvika ecstasies that dispels the darkness of ignorance.


This mark proves that those who take shelter of Their Lotus Feet are shielded from the incessant rainfall of material miseries. This mark indicates that Her Lotus Feet provide relief to Her Beloved, Lord Krishna, from the scorching heat felt in Her separation. It also refers to Lord Krishna holding Govardhana Hill up like an umbrella to protect Vraja from the devastating rainfall caused by the anger of Indra. It also denotes that those who sit in the shade of Their Lotus Feet become exalted just like maharajas, who usually have umbrella held over their heads.


This mark symbolizes the universe as a chariot and Their Lotus Feet show in which direction for all souls to travel. It indicates that Lord Krishna is so merciful to His devotees that He even becomes the chariot driver for them. It also shows that the supreme goal may be easily attained, just as their is no trouble when one rides on a chariot to visit the forest. Whoever sits upon the chariot of Their Lotus Feet emerges victorious in the battle with maya.

Elephant goad

This mark indicates that meditation on their Lotus Feet brings the elephants of Their devoteess minds under control and keeps them on the right path. It also shows that those who stay on the path toward Their Lotus Feet become superior among people, just as one riding on the top of an elephant travels far above the rest. This mark on Foot of Shrimati Radharani indicates that even though Lord Krishnaa elephant-like mind attempts to behave like many kind of heroes, Her Lotus Feet are sitll powerful enough to easily conquer Him and bring Him under control.


This mark announces that for the devotees meditating on Their Lotus Feet, They give security and safe protection from all sorts of fear. Furthermore, this mark on the Foot of Shrimati Radharani indicates that there will be supreme victory for all the gopis who are aware of Her Lotus Feet.


This mark symbolizes how the desire-creeper of the devotees grows and grows and gradually seeks refuge at Her Lotus Feet. It also shows that Her Lotus Feet are always found in the forest of Vrnda Devi, where many vines and creepers thrive. It also proves that She is the Supreme Goddess of herbal medicine, and that Her Lotus Feet are the ideal cure for healing the disease of materialism. It shows that Srimati Radharani is like the creeper wrapping around the tamal tree that is Lord Krishna. It also shows that Her Lotus Feet traverse ground that abounds with groves and vine-laden bower-houses. It indicates that intelligent persons hold to Her Lotus Feet just as a creeper firmly grasps whatever is ascending.


This mark symbolizes how Their Lotus Feet truly accomplish the desired objectives of the devotees. Just as the moon showers nectar with its cooling rays, similarly Their Lotus Feet shower nectar upon Their devotees, extinguishing the three-fold material miseries. Just as the half-moon is in the process of increasing, similarly the benefit for one who is day-by-day expanding the glorification of Their Lotus Feet in a spotless manner certainly increases.

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