July 9, 2020
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Realizations on the Path of Preaching Bhakti-yoga

The day draws near when Kartik will end,
Did you in this month your life amend?

Did you offer a lamp with love,
And make promises to the little blue boy above?

The One who actually steals hearts with excuses of butter,
Who attracts us away from Maya’s clutter?

In my short travels around,
I have seen devotees with great love abound;

Rendering service so dedicatedly,
Many, many reminders for my own humility.

All of you have such loving perseverance,
To you I offer my deep obeisances.

In the month of Lord Damodara arises incessant joy,
To offer such love
To Mother Yasoda’s darling boy.

Now that we upon Kartik’s ending contemplate,
Does it not feel that your heart will break?

Krsna’s endless pastimes our minds enraptured,
Oh Lord, I pray to remain eternally by devotion captured.

– by Smita Krsna Dasa

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