July 2, 2020
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Importance of Neckbeads (kanti mala)

Tulsi Neck Beads & Vaisnava Tilak Are A Devotees Insurance Policy & Protection.
by Nanda Kumar prabhu

“One day my neckbeads broke and I set them aside to restring later in the day when I had more time. When I went into Srila Prabhupad’s room, He looked at me and said… “Where are your neckbeads?” I told him the story and my plan, and He said very emphatically… “GO NOW and fix them. If you knew how dangerous it is to be in the material world without Tulsi neckbeads on you would be shaking in your boots!”

Then He explained how when a person leaves their body, there are always beings that come to escort them to their next body. If one has bad karma to pay, the Yamadutas come. Although they are servants of Lord Yamaraj, the lord of death who keeps track of everyone’s karma, and part of the Vedic system, they look like monsters, and are extremely fearful to anyone who sees them. They literally pull the soul in the subtle material body out of the gross material body and drag the soul to whatever hellish planet is the place where they can pay their karma off. , depending on what it is. Srimad Bhagavatam has a section where the hellish planets are described, along with a list of which sinful activities are punished by going to each individual planet. I remember one planet is said to be like a red hot copper disc that you are dropped onto, with full senses to feel pain, but no way to stop or relieve it, since the gross material body has already died. You just remain there and bounce around trying to get away from the pain and suffering until the Yamadutas come back to take you to whatever is next.

The Yamadutas have been ordered by Lord Yamaraj not to touch anyone who has Tulsi neckbeads and tilak on, no matter what their karma is. Instead, the Vishnudutas come to that person and escort them to the womb of their next mother, either in a devotee family or a wealthy family where they can take up their spiritual journey right where they left off. Suffice it to say, I did what Srila Prabhupad told me to do that morning, and have not had my neckbeads off in almost 50 years.

All glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupad, who is saving us from the many pains and miseries of the material world.

Benefits of Wearing Tulasi neck beads are:

  1. Destroys greatest of sins… (maha pataka samhantrim) Skanda Purana: HBV: 4.3182.
  2. Sri Hari is always with you…. (deha sada Harih) Garuda Purana: HBV 4.3353.
  3. You get a million times benefit from punya karmas, pitr or devata puja…. Garuda Purana: HBV: 4.3364.
  4. Yamaraja stays far away….. (preta raja dutakah drstva nashyanti durena) Garuda Purana: HBV: 4.3375.
  5. Gives full protection from bad dreams, accidents, attack by weapons, and the Yamaduttas… (duhsvapnam durnimittam bhayam shastrajam) Garuda Purana: HBV: 4.338.

The following are some verses from the Hari Bhakti Vilasa regarding the benefits of wearing Tulasi neck beads.

Tulasi Plant

phalamyacchatidaitārihpratyahamdvārakodbhavam ||332||

A person who wears tulasī neckbeads all the time obtains the result of living in Dvārakā.

sadāprītamanāstasyakrsnadevakī-nandanah |tulasī-kāstha-sambhūtāmyomālāmvahatenarah |prāyaścittamnatasyāstināśaucamtasyavigrahe ||334||tulasī-kāstha-sambhūtāmśirasoyasyabhūsanam |bāhvohkarecamartyasyadehetasyasadāharih ||335||

There is no need to perform atonement for a person who wears tulasī neckbeads. Factually, he does not become contaminated at any stage in his life. Śrī Hari resides in the body of a person whose neck and arms are decorated with ornament made of tulasī.

tulasī-kāstha-mālāmtupreta-rājasyadūtakāh |drstvānaśyantidūrenavātoddhūtamyathādalam ||337||tulasī-kāstha-mālābhirbhūsitobhramateyadi
|duhsvapnamdurnimittamcanabhayamśastrajamkvacit ||338||

Just by seeing the tulasī beads on a person’s neck, the Yamadūtas flee to a distant place. A person who wanders here and there after putting on tulasīneckbeads has nothing to fear from an accident, bad dreams, or weapons.

“Just as a pet dog has got a collar, similarly we are pet dogs of God. So we have got this collar. And Yamaraja, the Lord of Death will understand that he-the devotee-is God’s dog; he should not be shot down….”

SrilaPrabhupada said

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