Vaisnava Etiquette

Correcting Someone Sincerely

Devotee: You were also speaking about how only the guru can correct and find fault with someone Sometimes one may think, “Oh, I see some fault in my godbrother and I am going to help him. I am going to point it out and chastise him, correct him.

Gour Govinda Swami: You have no right to chastise, no right to correct anyone. You are not guru. Guru has that right.

If you see something and you have a good heart, “He is doing something wrong that is detrimental to his bhakti.” Then go to him, pay obeisances, and tell him confidentially, not in front of others, “O my brother, I see this thing and it pains me very much that you are doing this and this. This is a great impediment on the path of devotion. I fear you will not be able to make any advancement. Therefore I am coming to you and telling you. O my friend, please don´t do it. Be serious about your bhajana.

Tell him in such a humble way. Speak to him confidentially, not in the presence of others. If he is serious he will admit, “You are my great friend. I am blind to my own faults. You pointed them out, so I will be careful.” He will accept it. But if you speak in the presence of others the reverse effect will be there.

Take care and have a blessed day.



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