May 27, 2020
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EGGS are NOT a Vegetarian Food item


Is an egg vegetarian?

The most obvious answer is that an egg comes out of a chicken. It is not from an aubergine (Eggplant/Brinjal) or the child of a mango. It is from the sexual organs of an animal. Therefore it cannot be vegetarian. Why does the chicken have eggs? In order to reproduce. The eggs are menstrual blood. If fertilized they turn into chicks.

If not, the egg menstrual blood has been discarded by the hen’s body the way women discard their infertile blood every month. So they cannot be vegetarian by any definition of that term. Don’t excuse yourself by confusing the definition of the term. Would you eat human period blood? That too is discarded eggs.
There is a debate on whether human placenta which is the result of abortion can be used in anti-ageing creams. Would that be vegetarian? After all the human is an animal just like the chicken.

This tendency to reclassify food simply because you want to eat it is annoying. The Bengalis call fish “river vegetables” and the vegetarians eat them. Abroad you have ovo-vegetarians, Lacto-vegetarians, Ovo Lacto vegetarians, pescetarians – anything that will bypass your conscience while filling your stomach.

Study these photos and understand whether Egg is vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Question: But what about the unfertilized egg? People will point out that eggs are just a product if the chicken’s body just like milk is a product of the cow’s body?

Also, people say if unfertilized eggs are not vegetarian then cow’s milk is not either?

So how do we answer this?

Krishna Himself is extremely fond of milk and milk products – this settles the whole debate. You may also wish to learn that, since time immemorial, Vaishnavas and non-Vaishnava Vedantins alike have had no qualms about go-rasa, as it is also called, and have offered it to their deities as well as drunk it themselves. Eggs, on the other hand, are anything but sattvika, even when not fertilised, and I find the comparison to be just a silly argument by those who are unsympathetic to Vedic ideals. The question should be: would you offer unfertilised eggs to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna as prasada? See, the answer to this question is not as difficult as you may think.

The egg is the hens menstrual period. Unfertilised or not it’s not sattvik. For example, would anyone eat human female period?
Its sick isn’t it?
same thing. eating hen eggs is the period of hens.

The egg is 100% NON-Vegetairan as it comes out of the flesh and turns into a full-grown chicken whereas the milk of cows which comes out of the flesh again doesn’t turn into any as such and remains milk or curd, butter, ghee etc…….so Do not eat EGG’s at any cost

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