July 9, 2020
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Grhasta – Letter meaning | Madhumangal Prabhu

The goal of the grihastha ashrama and other ashramas :

  1. An ashrama is a place where one takes shelter of the Supreme Lord. Therefore, the goal of all ashramas is to take the shelter of the Lord.
  2. Grihastha ashrama is “griha stitha ashrama” or in other words, a place where one has taken shelter of the Lord by staying in a home, living with family mem bers but keeping Lord Krishna in the centre.
  3. All the four ashramas are equal in terms of importance that is given to the principle of taking ashraya or shelter of the Lord.
  4. Performing devotional service to the Lord Hari is the only purpose of life. There is no other purpose.

from Grihastha Manual – released at Sri SRi Radha Gopinath mandir, Mumbai (2003)

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