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I am guilty of this. I hear it all the time. For so long I was thinking that if anyone is given Krishna prasada (non-devotee), that person is guaranteed a human birth in the next life. I heard this many times, but where is the evidence to support the claim?

There is no doubt that Krishna prasada will lead anyone who takes it, to Bhakti, in the future. After how long? It depends on whether a fortunate person performs activities in devotion, knowingly or unknowingly. Below Is Srila Prabhupada’s clarity on the matter:

Bali-mardana: “I believe I’ve heard you said in other lectures that a person who takes prasadam, even a plant or a…, any kind of living entity who takes prasadam or hears the name, that it will come back at least to human form of life. Is that correct?

Prabhupada: No, if he’s devotee, then he’ll come. But this taking of prasadam, or hearing Hare Krsna mantra is advancement for becoming a devotee. But if he takes prasadam not as ordinary prasadam, foodstuff, he believes that “This is remnants of foodstuffs given to God,” if he understands this philosophy, then guaranteed. If he takes the prasadam as ordinary food, “All right, these people are distributing, prasa… Let me take it. It is very tasteful,” that will give him chance to accept prasadam next, next, next… In this way, one day he’ll come to the point that “This prasadam is not ordinary foodstuff.” Then he’ll… There is guarantee. Because only the devotee can appreciate that “This prasadam is not ordinary foodstuff. It is Krsna’s remnant of…” Therefore, he understands Krsna. That is said in the Bhagavad-gita, janma-karma ca me divyam yo janati tattvatah [Bg. 4.9]. In truth, when he understands, then his life is guaranteed. Why guaranteed? He goes back to home next life. Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti [Bg. 4.9]. If you simply can understand what is Krsna and what is your relationship with Krsna, that is sufficient to take you back to home, back to Godhead. That is sufficient. It is so nice. “ (SB16.23, January 19, 1974, Hawaii)

With a sense of relief, we have more certainty on the benefits of Krishna prasada.

Ys Kesava Krsna Dasa.

Kesava Krsna Das

Kesava Krsna Das joined ISKCON in January 1980 at Chaitanya College, Worcester, England. He was initiated by Jayatirtha Dasa and was named Sad Goswami Dasa. Next, He was initiated by Bhagavan Dasa, who gave him the name Kesava Dasa. Now He is a disciple of HH Giriraja Maharaja and came to South Africa in 1988. Presently, he is serving with ISKCON Resolve as ombudsman, hoping to help fellow devotees by way of conflict resolution, mediation, conflict analysis and other means of impartial, independent and confidential assistance. He greatly encourages devotees to come forward - "we are here for you."

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