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Sri Krsna’s weight in Gold | from The 12 Mahajanas

Narada, who is fond of creating quarrels, once informed Satyabhama that Rukmini possessed a parijata flower from the Nandanakanana garden of Indra. When she heard this, Satyabhama became very anxious to also have some parijata flowers.

Later on, when Sri Krsna went to heaven to return the earrings of Aditi, He fought with Indra and brought a parijata tree and planted it at Dvaraka. After that, the great sage Narada, just to test Satyabhama, arrived at Dvaraka to play some new tricks.

Upon seeing Narada, everyone worshipped him by offerings of padya and arghya. After an exchange of greetings, Narada said to Satyabhama, “O goddess! You have made a mistake. You have not observed any vow to get Sri Krsna as your husband, birth after birth. There is a vow that by following, Svahadevi got Agnideva as her husband, Indrani received Indra as her husband, and Parvati obtained Mahadeva as her husband, eternally. Now, let me tell you what that vow is. You must tie up Sri Krsna to a tree and then give Him to me in charity.”

Satyabhama agreed to this proposal and then went inside the palace to get Krsna’s approval. Krsna very well understood what was going on and so He gave His consent. After reciting some mantras and accepting Krsna in charity, when Narada was about to depart, along with Krsna, all the queens of Sri Krsna became overwhelmed with fear and came running behind Narada.

Without saying a word, Narada quietly took off Krsna’s dress as a king and dressed Him as a sannyasi. Then, while holding Krsna’s hand, Narada continued to walk. Satyabhama was totally confused and she became very angry with Narada.

She said, “O sage! Now I have understood your trick. You are taking away gold in exchange for mud! You are stealing gold while giving me glass. You cannot take away the Lord of our life.”

Narada replied, “O Satyabhama! Did you forget your promise? Because I am alone, you are telling me lies. In this way, you are committing a grave sin. But, I have a good deal for all of you. If you can donate to me gold equal to the weight of Sri Krsna then you can have your husband back.”

All the queens began to take off their gold ornaments in the hope of getting Krsna back. But, even after putting on the scale all of the gold that the queens had in their possession, it did not match Krsna’s weight.

Being bewildered by the illusory energy of Sri Krsna, none of the wives could understand the mystery of this pastime. Only Uddhava, the best among the Yadavas, knew the secret.

He said to the queens, “There is nothing within this world that is equal to Sri Krsna, except His holy name. The holy name of Krsna is Krsna Himself. Therefore, take off these gold ornaments from the scale and instead, put a Tulasi leaf with Krsna’s name written on it.”

Taking the advice of Uddhava, when the queens did as they were told, the scale became even. The queens became jubilant as they took Krsna to their respective palaces. Narada also departed while chanting the holy name of Krsna.

Narada is one of the twelve mahajanas. It is the duty of all living entities to follow in the footsteps of the mahajanas.

Radhika Raman Das

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